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Home Wod March 29

Warm up
5 min jog outside

Amrap x 20
25 thrusters (use back pack)
10 burpees over back pack
60 mountain climbers

Cool down
5 min jog outside
Couch stretch
Over head shoulder stretch

Home Wod March 28

Warm up
2 rounds
20 walking lunges
20 broom stick pass through’s
20 broom stick deadlifts
20 broom stick OHS
20 sit ups

Amrap x 16
15 couch dips
15 push ups
(Put weighted back pack on)
20 squats
20 alternating couch step ups
(Take back pack off)

Home Wod March 27

Warm up
3 rounds
10/leg knee pulls
10 air squats
10 plank shoulder touches
10 sit ups
10 toe touches

Amrap x 18
10 burpees over a backpack
10 backpack clusters (squat clean thruster)
5 wall walks