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May 24

19 rounds: 
2 rmu 
4 DB snatch 
4 Pistols 
4 TTB 
25 Du 
Tc 40 mins 

Immediately into max weight squat snatch 

Wod May 23

A) Robo Triple 3 
30 Deadlifts (225/135)
30 Burpee Box Jump overs 
30 Squat Clean + Jerks (135/95)
  16 min TC 

B) 5 rounds 
Max reps body weight bench press
Max reps pull-ups
-Rest 3 minutes between rounds 

Wod May 22

A) Build to max weight of: 
Hang Squat Clean-Power Clean-Front Squat-Split Jerk 
Tc 20 mins 

B) Amrap x16 
-Burpee Box Jump overs 
-Front Squats