CF ROBO 1st Annual "Rise of the Machines" Competition updates!

Hey Team Robo!

We are sooo excited about out up coming 1st annual "Rise of the Machines" Competition! It's only 10 days away! Make sure to sign up if you haven't already! Be part of our first competition in Robos history! This year the competition is exclusive to Robo, come following years we hope to invite all other CF boxes in Winnipeg to compete with us!


To make it a real deal competition, we will be giving out medallions to the top 3 teams! We also have super sweet prizes for the top 3 teams!

We have some wonderful team members donating prizes. The Joss family will be donating 3x $50 sport check gift cards to the top team. Larry Hosegood is donating a brand new pair of Oakley sunglasses for the top male and female competitor as well. Thank you for your generous donations guys!

The after party is going to be filled with tons of food, "drinks" and bumpin jams! Thanks to all you who are donating to the after party!

We can't wait! See you all August 9th!


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