Rise of the Machines - UPDATES!! READ!

Hey Team!!

Only 4 more days!! A couple more exciting prize donation updates!

Hayley Harris will be donating an aesthetics gift card from her business! We will be drawing for a winner!

The Luiks (Mike and Kristine/ Richardson and Luik Financial) are paying for a 1 year, 2x/week Robo membership to give away to a deserving competitor! WOW! We will have a ballot box on Saturday. Team Robo will be given the opportunity to vote for who ever they feel is most deserving (you may vote for yourself or another team member). We will tally up the results after the competition for the winner! Only one vote per member please.

Thank you SO MUCH Hayley and the Luiks for your support!! We appreciate your help very much!

Here are our official competitors for "Rise of the Machines":

Caily Coubrough
Chantal Marion
Sara Halstead
Jamie Peterson
Kristin Morris
Sean Theissen
B Treller
Jessica Adamczyk
Tara Chatel
Doug Jones
April Connor
Ryan Nicholson
Steph Fraser
Monica Lawrenz
Trevor Joss
Jocelyne Chartier
Claudia Uribe
Corey Smith
Junel Trinidad
Soapy Chhin
Adam Chisick
Chris Tsang
Mitch Joss
Mat Turner
Chenzo Blixt
Hugo Astacio
Steve Bartlett
Chelsea White
Chris Woods
Jenessa Clark
Keren Parker
Lauren Anderson
Jamie Munn

We will be dividing competitors into teams of 3. We will announce your team mates on the day of the event, as well as your heat # and times of "play". All competitors (and volunteers) are to arrive at Robo at 9am to sign in and receive further instruction. And as you know, the competition runs until 4pm, so make sure you have nothing else going on for the day! Thank you too all of you who showed your support by competing/volunteering!

Stay tuned! More updates to come!


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