Saturday October 18th - CF24 fundraising event! & WOD update

Hey Team Robo!

Tomorrow we have 5 teams participating in the CF24 event in support of Special Olympics! It's not too late to donate to this amazing cause. If you have extra change in your cup holder or an extra $5 bill in your pocket we would love to add any amount you can spare to the pot.  It's really true when they say every dollar helps! Come by Robo tomorrow to cheer us on! We are doing 24 wods in 24 hours starting at 10am...we may just need some support from our family.

There will be no RoboCamp tomorrow, but we will have "open gym" for those of you who want to come in from 10am to 12pm.

Thank you all for your support! Community is what CrossFit is all about!

See you all at Robo tomorrow!


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