CrossFit meets Physiotherapy seminar by Tim Nanassy - November 29th

Hey Team Robo!

Our friend Tim Nanassy has generously volunteered to do a CrossFit meets physiotherapy seminar for Team Robo.

Who: Tim Nanassy - Physiotherapist and owner of Sport and Spine Physiotherapy
What: CrossFit meets physiotherapy
When: Saturday November 29th from 1pm till 3pm
Where: CrossFit Roborean
Why: To lean how CrossFit effects us physically from a professional physiotherapist and better understand our bodies relating to CrossFit movements
Cost: FREE for members of CrossFit Roborean

This seminar should be on everyones priority list. You will learn many important facts on body movement, do's and don'ts, stretches and cool downs, pre-hab, re-hab and Tim will also dispel any common myths associated with CrossFit. This is a great opportunity for all of you to ask the top physiotherapist in Winnipeg questions relating to your body and how it moves/feels etc.

Please RSVP by email to Lisa if you are committed to attending this seminar.


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