As coaches we are always looking for ways to improve and grow our athletes. We are very fortunate to have two professionals Quinn Nguyen (OLY specialist) and Nic Lees (Gymnastics specialist) as part of our coaching staff at Robo. We would love to introduce two new classes outside of our regular classes in the near future.

1. OLY speed and strength class with Quinn on Thursday's 8pm-9-pm

2. Gymnastics class with Nic (either Monday, Tuesday or be decided) 8pm-9pm

COST: Only $10/class

We are taking a poll to see how many of would be committed to partake in these classes. If we have enough interest, we will introduce these classes to Robo. Please state which class (or both) you would be interested in and vote on our FB page. Please make sure to give it thought before voting as we ask that only those of you who are serious about these classes vote.

Thank you for your input Team Robo!


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