Attention Team Robo:

We need to remind you all of our 12 person class limit. We have a class limit to ensure quality of coaching. When we have more than 12 people show up to a class this causes a problem for many reasons.

  1. Safety of our members is compromised when the ratio from members to coach is more than 12 to one. We can't watch more than 12 people. 
  2. It's not fair for the members who signed in for class to recieve less attention from the coach because of exceeded class limit. 
  3. Our space and equipment is limited to 12 people. 

Finally, please respect our rules. We try our absolute hardest to keep you all happy. Please keep us happy too.

Bottom line - if you don't sign up for class you won't be participating in class. If need a refresher on how to sign in for class or you are having issues with your account please let Lisa know and she will gladly help. No excuses will be acceptable.

If you sign in for a class and no show without signing out, you will be charged a $25 "drop in" fee. Please be considerate of other members who may be waiting on a cancelation to attend a class. Sign out an hour or more prior to cancelling class. No exceptions. 

Thank you for helping us keep Robo safe and happy,
Justin and Lisa 


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