Robo Chistmas Hamper/ WOD negotiation (You'll LOVE this!)

Hey Team Robo!

We are putting together a Christmas hamper to donate to the Christmas cheer board! Here's the best part.... if you bring in a non-perishable food item or new toy, you are able to request a WOD negotiation with your coach. For example... if the WOD has 100 burpees in it and you despise burpees you may trade 100 burpees for another movement of your choice EX: 100 sit-ups. One item will grant you one negotiation.

To top it off, who ever brings in the most items will win the opportunity to program our Christmas Team WOD for Team Robo! We will run this WOD all day on Dec 23rd.  This is your chance to come up with something creative, fun or down right dirty.

Let's help those in need this Christmas!


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