The surprise of our lives - THANK YOU to all.

What a surprise yesterday turned out to be! It's not every day you hear about coach's from a CrossFit box finding themselves in front of their CF family being gifted a thank you card with a handsome cheque inside suggesting a get-a-way trip for two.

When we call you guys family, we mean it. You are all our extended members of our family. The honest reason why Robo is such a welcoming and remarkable home is solely because of the people who live in it. We consider ourselves two of the luckiest people in the world. We are able to wake up every morning and go to a place that fills us with genuine happiness. The love we have for what we do and for the community surrounding what we love is astronomical. We would never have expected to be bonused for "just doing our jobs". It's a strange concept for us to grasp. This took us by such surprise. It honestly didn't sink in for hours.

Our gratitude for this gift and more importantly what it stands for will never be big enough to express is words. We appreciate all your thoughts and love towards us. The amount of planning and help this took from all of you does not go unnoticed. From those of you who took your level 1 CF course to help us coach and keep the doors open, to those of you who donated for the trip and to those of you who are part of the cleaning crew, this wouldn't have been possible without all these parts coming together. We promise to use this generous gift to relax in the sun and think about how lucky we are to have met you all and call you our friends and family.

Thank you from the deepest part of our hearts. We love you all.


Your coaches XO


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