Justin and I are proud to announce our newest members of our coaching crew! Our newest level 1 certified coaches and long time CrossFit Robo members are Mat, B and Steph. Please help us welcome them by congratulating them over this next week as they will be filling in for Justin and I while we are away. These 3 musketeers have been an important part of Team Robo since the day we opened in August 2013. We are thankful to have witnessed Mat, B and Steph grow into the athletes and coaches they have become today.

In addition, we also have Jenn and Lindsey who you will all be getting to know over the next new weeks.  We are thrilled to have these two highly experienced CrossFit coaches and athletes at Robo as part of our team! Please make them feel welcome in their new home and introduce yourself if you haven't already had the pleasure of meeting Jenn and Lindsey. These girls will rock your socks off!

Please show your new coaches the same love and respect you show Justin and myself. We couldn't be more confident in our crew and are extremely happy to welcome each and every one of them on board!


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