Robo now offering MOBILITY WOD! Read on for details...

Hey Team Robo!

As you know we preach how important mobility is for general health and in CrossFit. Being inflexible can be extremely frustrating and increase your risk of injury. We have all struggled with certain movements such as the overhead squat, front rack position, or even something as simple as a body weight squat. We are introducing a mobility WOD class every second Sunday during open gym from 12pm-1pm. This class will be dedicated to dynamic/static stretching, smashing and flossing to encourage the body to move more freely and comfortably. Being athletes, we work hard in class to strive for our best but if you are not mobile you'll find it difficult to reach your top physical performance. We encourage everyone to participate in this class!

NOTE: This class will not take away from open gym. Open gym is still available during this time.

For more info please talk to Lisa or Justin :)


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