Team Release for Rise of the Machines 2


1. Mat T.
    Rachel R.
    Rhonda D.

2. Bryan T.
    Ben D.

3. Ryan N.
    Trudy G.
    Rod G.

4. Garrett P.
     Gill C.
    Claire M.

5.  Scott D.
     Chantal M.
     Chris T.

6.  Monica L.
     Ashton B.
     Steve B.

7.  Peter G.
     Emma R.
     Chris C.

8.  Jamie M.
     Erin S.
     Troy D.

9.  Adam K.
      Kerry S.
     Vincenzo B.

10.  Doug J.
       Gord A.
      Bridget S.

11. Corey S.
      Chelsea W.
      Trevor J.

12. Mabi

Heats, Times and Instructions will all be released on Monday August 10th
Ensure you take note as to athlete registration time in the morning and heat assignments.
WODS will be released on Thursday August 13th in the evening.
Remember this is a 2 day event and the second day is outside at Birdshill Park and there will be swimming. However...only 1 member per team will be required to swim, so plan amongst yourselves accordingly. Any questions or concerns email


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