To our family.......

To our Robo Family,

We could use a thousand words and talk for miles describing what you all mean to us. This weekend was a reflection of how strong we are together. Over the last 2 years we have watched you all grow individuay but also as a team. From hitting new PR's, overcoming obstacles, breaking down mental walls and becoming both mentally and physically confident, we have seen it all. What touches our hearts the most is witnessing all the friendships we have all created in the making. Seeing everyone love and support each other both inside of Robo and out creates an overwhelming feeling of joy for us. We are in fact stronger together.

As some of you can imagine, opening and running a business has its challenges. Every day that passes is another day we are grateful to live our dream. The fact we are so fortunate to have been in business for another entire year proves to us we have an  army of people who won't stand down when things get tough. No one loves feeling down about not hitting a PR, but you all come back to hit it another day. Never giving up is key to success.  We feel blessed to have had the loyal support of all of you to keep our family together for another year and again, another day. Without the support from all of you there would be no Robo. Thank you all from the deepest part of our hearts for making our dream come true. We envisioned a family yes, but we never could have imagined a group of people so positive, so wonderful, so strong and so beautiful.

To many more years of laughs, cheers, high fives and hugs,

Your coaches,

Lisa and Justin.


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