The Open 2016

Every year we are put to the test of fitness through a series of 5 badass wods over 5 weeks. Emotions go anywhere from excitment, anticipation, disbelief, oh f*ck I'm terrified I might actually die, pride, accomplishment, and after each emotion all all because there is nothing left to feel.

Justin and I have had the pleasure of watching many amazing moments from each and every one of you this year. Anywhere from a first bar muscle-up, a first TTB, a first time RXing the open, the first time doing the open, witnessing just pure hard work with stone cold commitment and will power, facing fears, breaking down barriers and with that you all did it with a smile, a loud cheer and applause for your fellow team mates. Now that's the true meaning of CrossFit. Positive people, no excuses, just work with a well deserved outcome.

A huge congratulations to every single one of you who were brave and fearless and took on The Open of 2016.

Your coaches,

Justin and Lisa.


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