New Mom’s of team Robo! We have some exciting news!

Our Robo family has been growing! We are so very excited! We are introducing our first mommy and me class. This class will start in December 1st 2016 and will be scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am. 

This class is intended to help new Mom’s workout together while having their baby with them.
We suggest bringing a baby carrier to strap your baby onto your chest while you workout. Also bring their car seat in for when you are doing barbell work etc. where baby needs to be tucked into a safe place. Workouts will be modified for the mommy and me classes to make them safe and fun.

This class will still be open to other members. Coaches will be focused on everyone in class equally to attain quality of coaching.

Note:  Our main priority is the safety of your baby, yourself and other members. Therefore:
  • ·      All infants must be under 1 year of age to attend this class.
  • ·      All children over the age of 1 must remain in the seating area of Robo to eliminate accidents.
  • ·      Mothers are responsible for their infant at all times while in class.
      Robo is a family oriented business. We have created this class in hopes it would encourage new families to be able to be more flexible and include their babies in our positive environment. Because we need to consider all members as a whole we are keeping mom and me classes to Tuesday and Thursdays at 11am. All other classes will be adults only, again to keep classes predictable and safe. 
      Another option for mothers who would like to open their availability to regular classes would be to pair up with another mom. One mom watches the babies in the front while the other mom workouts and then they switch for the next hour. Just a thought :)

For questions please contact Lisa or Justin :)


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