WOD: Monday January 9th

STRENGTH: Back Squat

EMOM x 8:

  • 2 pause back squat @ 50% of 1RM back squat (hold for 2 seconds) 

EMOM x 6: 
  • 5 jump squat @ 45% of 1RM back squat 
Immediately into: 

6 minutes to work up to a heavy double 

CONDITIONING: Complete AMRAP in 18 minutes: 

  • Thrusters 75/55
  • Bar facing burpees 
AMRAP bar muscle ups in remaining time 

You must complete 21-18-15-12-9-6-3, thrusters and bar facing burpees. Once you have completed your thrusters and bar facing burpees you do as many bar muscle-ups in the remainder of the 18 minutes. Your score = number of bar muscle-ups completed. 


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