Team Robo Membership:

                              1m             3m             6m
2x week               $151          $130          $119
3x week               $184          $167.75     $140
Unlimited            $205          $194.75     $173

* All prices above are per month

Onramp Program  $97.50 (3 classes)
Elite OnRamp Program $346.00 (8 classes) 

  • Our Elite OnRamp program is a 4 week course designed for those who want more than just a great workout. This program is tailored towards athletes. This program will include body movement standards and awareness, in depth Olympic lifting training, power lifting technique, importance and education on mobility and more.

Drop in:     $26.25

Private Personal Training: 

                                       Number of people    
                             1               2             3-4 (group)  

Sessions: 1       $55            $45ea      $42ea              
                  5       $250          $215ea    $195ea
                 10      $450          $400ea    $370ea
                 15      $600          $525ea    $495ea

Hybrid memberships now available! 

What is a hybrid membership?
A hybrid membership is a cross between a regular membership and personal one on one coaching.

Who is this membership for? 
        ACCELERATING ATHLETES: This is for those who want to focus on specific movements or training programs. You will receive one hour of attention focused directly to you by your coach. Want to train to the next level faster? This option is for you. Every session will be individually tailored to the althlete. One on one coaching can be scheduled either during regular class times or outside of regular class times for more flexibility.

·           NEW MOTHERS: This membership is also suitable for new mothers with infants who wish to open up their training options by bringing baby along and train privately. For this option, one on one coaching will be scheduled outside of our regular class times when the gym is closed to others for maximum privacy. All workouts will be custom tailored to the individual. This option is also great for saving on babysitting costs! 

How does the pricing work?

You take your current membership cost and add the following:
  • 1 PT/week (4 monthly) add $35 per session
  • 2 PT/week (8 monthly) add $30 per session


We are offering new mothers a flat rate of only $25/hr for each additional personal coaching class.

NOTE: These prices are for Hybrid memberships only. For personal training without a membership please refer to "Private Personal Training" above.

Corporate discounts available upon request, please ask!

* All membership and program fees are in Canadian currency

Refunds, suspensions & cancellation of contract:

 ·   CrossFit            Roborean does not offer refunds on services rendered. 
However, we do understand that in certain instances you may need to
temporarily suspend your contract due to work/illness/vacation/extended
 leave. Simply let us know one week in advance of your next payment date 
and we will suspend any further payments from coming out of your bank 
account or credit card until such time when you return
·       Note: if you put your membership on suspension, you will not be 
able to book classes for the duration of the suspension period
·      Team Robo Strength & Conditioning is happy to provide members with a long term service
 contract at value rate. This rate is determined by the guarantee of the member 
over a certain time period. If the contract must terminate the rate of unused contract
 will be settled in order to terminate the contract. The rate will be a deduction of the 
contract time from a monthly rate


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