Mike Harrington: I had heard that CrossFit was a very intense workout, so I was intimidated starting in my mid-thirties. The coaches in the Roborean team made beginning easy. Justin helped me modify the workouts to my ability level and, after months of hard work,  I was in better shape than ever. I continue to make improvements in strength and cardiovascular fitness every week, and more importantly I love taking part in the CrossFit Roborean community where we all motivate each other to do our best every workout. With the help of the great coaches at Roborean I am always taking small steps towards my long-term goal - to snatch 700lbs.

Sam Beitz: I heard about crossfit through a friend, went and watched it, tried it out and thought to myself "there's no way I could do this, but would love to try, and see what happens!".  I spoke to other gym members who encouraged me to try so I got my butt into gear and signed up. I was intimidated at first and I do have some knee issues that I felt would stop me but with Justin coaching he accommodated me to help and not overdue it. I started from the bottom just like everyone else and Im slowly progressing in many ways I didn't think were possible. I've been in CrossFit now just over three months, I started from two times a week to now three times as I really enjoy it. The enviroment all together is fun and encouraging and never met anyone there I havent liked, we are all like a team/family in this which keeps me going. I have gained strength, courage, losing weight and feeling great. I cant wait to see how much more I can progress and accomplish! Thanks Lisa and Justin for being patient, encouraging, motivating, fun and great coaches!

Kerry McQuarrie Smith: When I first came to Robo almost a year ago, I was over 40, not tremendously fit, had a horrible record of quitting gyms and didn’t measure up to my own mental image of what a “real” crossfitter was like.  I am so grateful that Lisa convinced me to give it a try.  I have always enjoyed sport, but I have never managed to make myself commit to fitness – until this past year.  Joining Robo has motivated me in ways I never would have imagined, and made me rethink my own perceptions of what I am capable of achieving. 
Unlike Fight Club, the first rule of Crossfit seems to be, “Always talk about Crossfit.” I suspect that people are sick of hearing me talk about it!  I am continually surprised by how much I love it.  There are so many different things to work on that a personal best is a regular occurrence.  I find that a new PB brings happiness, and since I am always finding things that I am better at than I was the last time around…I am a happier person overall! 
Lisa and Justin seem to have an inexhaustible supply of energy to fuel our engines.  They work hard at motivating us, supporting us and giving us the push that we need.  They have gone above and beyond to work with me to keep me going through injury.  They genuinely care about our successes, about our health and safety, and about ensuring our environment is positive, motivational and fun.  Honestly, I think that taking up this “sport of fitness” is the best thing I could have done for myself.  I hope that others give themselves the same gift.

PJ Heppenstall: When I decided to visit Roborean I had an idea of what CrossFit was; what I didn't know was that it would become a lifestyle change. I decided to join because I was told by my Dr. that all he could do for my arthritis pain was prescribe me anti-inflammatories/pain killers. After my first few classes my flexibility and mobility greatly increased. I have now been at it for 8 months, my arthritis pain is minimal and my strength and mobility have far surpassed my expectations. I owe this achievement to my coaches and team at CrossFit Roborean.

Sarah Heppenstall: I joined Crossfit Roborean as a person who never lifted any weights or pushed myself to my limit while working out solo.  The coaches here focus on correct form and technique but also know when to push you to try one more rep or more weight.  After every workout out I leave feeling proud of what I accomplished, but already thinking about how to improve in the next WOD.  While I may not be the strongest or fastest athlete, thanks to the community at Crossfit Roborean, I am improving with every workout.  I can’t wait to see what I will be capable of in the future!

Gord Klassen: With CrossFit it isn't pushing against anybody else, it isn't lifting against some younger person or going to the CrossFit games.  I am lifting against time. I am working out against the future, against age  and everyday when I workout  I think I might be able to use this aching old body one more time to push the sun back up in the sky and give myself one more day of summer.

Konnor Sullivan: When I was introduced to CrossFit, like a lot of people, I was immediately hooked. Having come from a very nonathletic background I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and to this day, still enjoy it. I have been able to do things I DEFINITELY thought weren't possible and to say that CrossFit has changed my life would be an accurate statement, but what rings rings even truer, is that CrossFit Roborean has enriched my life. The classes are my favorite part of the day.  Lisa and Justin are two of the most incredible people and in less than a year I consider them friends for life. You can throw weights around anywhere, but I can guarantee it won't be as fun! 

April Connor: 
 The patience Lisa and Justin have for everyone at Robo is amazing. They both always go above and beyond to help each person with whatever they need. They never make people feel inferior or that they are unworthy of their help. Even when they have to remind us of the same stuff (get under the bar April!) it's always with a smile and with lots of love. Even when if you are having a melt down (Hello! Me with Grace a couple weeks ago) they stick with us and push us through. They both would make amazing teachers! ;)  box itself is so much more than a building. It's an amazing community of like minded people. Everyone is there to support each other. Ego is checked at the door. No one cares what you look like, what your level of fitness is, etc. As long as you are there to work hard and kick butt, it's all good. No one is ever looked down upon or made to feel inferior that they are working at different levels. Everyone is supportive and everyone gets a high five at the end for surviving the WOD.
As a person who used to weigh 320 pounds, the scale is a big freaking deal. What I have learned over my time here is that I am so much more than a stupid number on a scale. Robo has allowed me to see that my overall health and well being (both mentally, emotionally and physically) is much more important. I'd rather be strong than skinny! I am more focused on improving myself (ex. better at lifts, better diet, etc) than I am on what the scale says. Besides, I am waaaay more fit than I have ever been.
So to sum it all up, I love you guys, love your gym, love the people who go to your gym and think of it as my second home. I am way happier with myself and my progress than anything else I have ever done.
Thank you for always encouraging me and first and foremost... putting up with me. ;)
All the feels,
April :)

Trish Petz:  Crossfit. What it means to me. My box, coaches & workouts.
Lisa & Justin are a wonderful addition to my fitness life. Yes, I own 3 other gyms but when I'm there, I'm not a boss and I'm not a mother, I'm just another athlete. Someone who's trying to be better, stronger, more athletic. Other people workout to golf better, to bring strength and speed to hockey, yoga for flexibility, do rec sports for the team aspect, etc... Crossfit is a perfect addition for me. I can just be me. A fitter, stronger, (still hates burpees) me! I'm a better runner (during the summer). When I go to my gyms, I lift smarter. At home I can open jars, I can carry all the groceries in the house in one trip. I'm just a happier, fitter version of myself.  Fitness is my life, Snapfitness is my dream and passion. Crossfit just completes me. Thank you Lisa and Justin, and everyone at Team Robo for being an important part of my life. Having abs at 43 is just a wonderful bonus! Love you!!

Jessika Ellement:  Meeting Lisa was a life altering experience for me. In the beginning, Lisa told me that CrossFit was so much more than getting fit. She taught me to believe in myself and push a little farther than I thought I was capable of. Her kind nature, friendly, and strength-based coaching style motivated me like I've never experienced. When I started CrossFit, I modified every exercise. I had suffered through a long time ankle injury and could not squat without my heel lifting involuntarily. Through the modified workouts that Lisa suggested, and dedication to encouraging mobility, I have gained flexibility back to that joint. Now, I can Rx most workouts. Lisa has fueled a passion in me. I see life differently now. I am stronger, more confident, and happier in my every day life. She's not only my coach, but through this experience is also, my friend.

Daniel Peri: In March of 2012, I walked into a gym looking for a personal trainer. I was overweight, had dieted a number of times, but had never really worked out. Going to the gym meant using the elliptical for 20 minutes and using some of the weight machines. Needless to say, I was clueless, and I knew I needed help.  That day I met Lisa Widmer and she was about to change my life. Right away she told me that she only trained using CrossFit, which I had never heard of. I asked if I would get fit. Lisa laughed and said I would be in the best shape of my life. Crossfit, I learned, never gets easier. You constantly set new goals for yourself and you constantly want more. More weight, more speed, more agility. Working with Lisa I now know Crossfit. I love everything about it: the Olympic lifting, the conditioning, the strength training, and the family that comes from working out in a box. I am easily in the best shape of my life. No matter your fitness level, Crossfit is for you. With the right trainer and coach, anything is possible. Start now and become the best you possible.